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The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

No matter how cute your puppy is, it can be frustrating when they have an accident inside the house, especially if it was on your rug or the carpet. Potty training can be difficult and even when your pet is all grown up, accidents still happen! Maybe you've experienced your pet taking a late-night bathroom trip on the mat, or come home to a trail of muddy paws across the living room carpet. It may seem like the lingering odors, yellow pee stains, and other messes your pet drag in will never go away… but stop those stressful worries, because Zerorez is here! We have all the pet cleaning solutions that you could ever need - we've seen it all. So sit tight and tune into all the ways that we can help you fix those pesky puppy problems (or any other pet problem for that matter).

Getting Pet Urine Stains Out of Carpet Can Be Tough

We may not be able to potty train your pet for you, but we can help you clean up the aftermath so that it feels like the accident never happened. We will take care of the worst part! Pet urine stains are the worst. Not only do they have an ugly appearance, but they also become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, leave a lingering odor, and make you upset every time you look at it. "My favorite Friday night activity is getting frisky with that stain remover," said no one ever! Lucky for you, Zerorez loves getting down and dirty removing those stains!

Zerorez Is The Way To Go For Cleaning Dog Urine Off Carpet

It may have come across your mind that maybe professional carpet cleaning for pet urine is unnecessary, because after all, everything that the professionals do, you could figure out and do it on your own, right? That's not entirely true. Here at Zerorez Houston, we use counter-rotating brushes. These brushes have the ability to reach deeply ingrained dirt and grime from the carpet that even a vacuum can't reach. That's exciting, don't you think! If you are ready to be impressed, even more, keep reading.

Zerorez uses a patented wand that completely rinses the fibers of your carpet without leaving extra water behind that could flood your carpet padding. Most wands that other carpet cleaners use leave too much water behind causing the padding to flood and bacteria to grow. On top of our impressive and effective tools, the drying times for Zerorez are up to two times faster than our competitors! With our advanced cleaning process, you and your family will be on your carpet and back to normal activities sooner than you thought possible. Best of all, our Zr Clean™️ leaves behind zero residue. The use of Zr Clean™️ makes the process of getting pet urine stains out of carpet easy for Zerorez and produces much better results than you trying to remove these stains yourself. Zerorez means zero hassle for you! You will be so happy with your clean carpets that you will forget about how frustrated you were with your mess-making pet.

The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pee Stains

Pets are an important part of your life and often viewed as another member of the family. We get that, but taking care of pets can get tricky and accidents are inevitable. That's why Zerorez is here for you. We know you have more important things to do than searching the internet to find solutions and experimenting with ways of how to remove pet odors from your house. We like to make lives easier - all you have to do is call Zerorez and schedule an appointment. We have done all the research on the things that work so that you don't have to.

The truth is, Zerorez is the best carpet cleaner for pee stains. Wondering why? Let's tell you. The average carpet cleaner only addresses the problems on the surface of the carpet, cleaning away waste and stains that are visible to the eye, but the reality is, the problem goes much deeper than just cleaning the top of the carpet. At all our Zerorez locations, we address deep problems through our pad extraction procedure. Also, instead of following the crowd and simply masking the odors with oils and perfumes that only last a few hours or a few days, we tackle the root of the problem head-on and get rid of pet odors for good.